lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Paytem's Blog: Thank you, Maite

Really hard reading you but I also needed it.

 I hope the release of the album during the fall-winter, yes. I explain better, after the songs I have to choose ( it's more complicated than what it seems) retouching details and stuff, the engineers have a month for the first mix, I will re-record the songs again for the coherency I talked about before, and then there are ten days for the final mix and a week for mastering. After that, my work is done and I've got the same problem that always happens: I can not take the responsability of the company, executive producers and everybody in the business. It's unbelievable how many decissions we've got to take around the album!

 The moment the company says something about a presentation single before of the album, I will say, I promise. I can say that my managers have a meeting tomorrow with the AR about that.

 Oops, and just one more thing: it's a big responsability to me the fact that it's not gonna be just my album, I want you to have yours too. I want that every single dreamer in the earth has really fun with the music I only wrote.- At the time I'm working on my album I have to work for other projects that take some of my time too, but if I'm honest, they have made me learn a lot and they don't mean a problem to me.

 And of course I'm gonna need you, because I know everything about the album but... THE COVER! Any idea? After millions of photoshoots and music seasons I don't know which is my favorite idea!

 Thank you for writting me, Maite. XOXO.

 Love, Payt.

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