lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

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Here it is!

 I'm having a forced free day and although everybody says I need it, the feeling is bad. I feel empty. They try me to enjoy with my friends the days I've got for myself but the fact it's that I work in my free time composing more and more songs, so I'm mad since I have to think always what to do with them. I probably have more than 100, so it's very frustrating and that means the second album is half composed! Isn't it crazy?

 I'm still deciding the track list of the first one since the production doesn't let me have 30 songs. The most of the tracks are decided, I've just got to think about a couple of them but it's a difficult part to me, 'cause all of them mean things to me. Having so many influences is being a problem 'cause I want the album to be "coherent" when sometimes I'm not!- If you pay attention, I'm talking about myself all the time, because I'm doing everything! I know it's being a very long time since I started with the album thing but I have grown up a lot in different senses. At the beginning I never though about composing and making the arragements how I'm actually doing (it took time to me learning how the machines work!), and although I know the wait it's hard for you, the feeling of giving you my real me, invades me. I've been watching a lot of different studios I have to use because every song needs its things, I'm working with different producers and people for every single song and it takes a lot of time, but make the album more special. I feel better and more complete as an artist right now

 Well, I would love to read what you wanna know exactly for answering you and if I can, everyday I'll try to respond here the questions about the album or the things I'm doing for it, whatever!

 I love you so much and thank you for the patience you're having. I hope not to disappoint you!


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