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Paytem's Blog: Episode 3: Get my album or die trying!

Ok, I'll try my best to answer you, girls.

 Thank you for being part of the family and help with everything, this way it's funnier and you take me up when I'm down. You mean the world to me!

 I don't know which pictures you still haven't seen, since I don't even know all my photos to be honest, but the cover is not made yet. It's gonna be the last thing and yes, a cover with all of you would be amazing! I love the idea! Let me think about it!

 The thing is exactly like you said: it's a very, very long and hard process with lot of people not only working, I mean disturbing too! Haha.

 Let me tell you that the meeting between my managers and the AR (Artists and Repertoire, so yes, it's the department I spend my time discussing) , has been postponed till the Friday, by now. I'm impatient because I still can't even imagine what's gonna happen with everything. I'm on time but this morning I have heard like 3 times I need to be patient, 'cause I protest when they say they've got no plans yet for the CD and they are not thinking even about a date yet! Grrr!!

 At the time, we've been three days with technical problems in the studio! Can you imagine the war of nerves I've got? This is this way always! I'm glad I can tell you now, maybe somebody out there will understand!

 Oops, and yes, I know the tittle of the album, but I'm the only one by now ;

 Thank you for all, girls. Claws up! Love ya!


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