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Monica Sanz in Magabusiness (english translation)

Now you can read the translation to english of Monica Sanz’s interview for Magabusiness.

The fanclub said that they will make a new video with subtitles as soon as possible but now, you can read it!

Monica Sanz is the kind of artist who is an artist since born. Beautiful, intelligent, and owner of a hard-forgettable voice. Is here today to present her second single that sound this well.

- Magabusiness: I was really keen on talking with Monica Sanz, we had done it in the radioshow, Magabusiness radio version, but I said: “She is an active woman, wanting to rule the world, and we wanted her to come and see us and tell us her stories, her things, and here she is, Monica Sanz.

- Monica Sanz: Here I am, it’s a pleasure.

- Magabusiness: How are you?

- MS: Very well, so pleased to see you.

- Magabusiness: Are you happy?

- MS: Yes, yes, really happy, excited, I really wanted to come and meet you.

- Magabusiness: Producer, writer, dancer, model, singer… I don’t know…

- MS: Whatever!! Everything!!

- Magabusiness: Where does all this comes??

- MS: I don’t even remember, I don’t remember first time I said “Mom, I want to be a singer!”

- Magabusiness: Mom I want to be an artist, they said.

- MS: No. I used to say: “Mom, I’m going to be an artist” I warned her, she can’t say I didn’t tell. When I was 2 I got lost in a restaurant, and she found me on a stage, cheering up everybody.

- Magabusiness: So it was vocational?

- MS: Yes, it was very clear to me.

- Magabusiness: But how do you start, as a model, maybe? What’s the way that brought you here?

- MS: I was singing, dancing, took music lessons and was very happy because I was on my way to the music world, but when I was 12 I had injured my left foot, I basically broke two fingers, and I spent two really bad years, it was a really bad moment, because I used to do sport… And I had to stop. But one day, at the hospital, the day I had to left the hospital, my mom gave me my first high heels and there was a person that has been really important in my life, that at the time was working on fashion and got me into a models agency. But I didn’t search for it, I wasn’t excited, it wasn’t was I really wanted. But it was really good for me, I got experience.

- Magabusiness: What were you studying?

- MS: I was on school! At that time I was on school!

- Magabusiness: But not when you were a model, really young!

- MS: Yes, yes, I was very young, but I continued on fashion because I used to say: “If I don’t have my album produced, I will do it my own”, and I paid my degree, I’m Audiovisual Producer, and…

- Magabusiness: So you’re a mate!

- MS: Yes, yes, it was very clear to me. If nobody made it for me, I would do it on my own.

- Magabusiness: So we’re going to listen to this song again,.. You’re music’s in English, what music do you do. What’s your style?

- MS: My music? My album?

- Magabusiness: Let’s listen a little bit more. Have you been to the UK, US… I’ve know there have been lots of downloads there…

- MS: Yes, it’s amazing

- Magabusiness: There are lots of things to talk about so let’s start with this.

- MS: Yes, it’s amazing, It’s been a lot more successful abroad, and I’m very thankful, but I’m also very thankful to the Spanish fans, because it’s true that everything comes from here in the end, and everything on the net, if it’s seen in another countries is thanks to the Spanish fanclub, who I’m very thankful to, I adore them and they mean a lot to me. Truly.
It’s true that 90% of the downloads are from Japan, China and USA, but I think nothing of it would happen if the Spanish ones weren’t also there.

- Magabusiness: How is it known in Japan o the Usa that you exist, for example?

- MS: I don’t know, I don’t know and sometimes we don’t find any answer because people know you, and from countries you haven’t ever been to, I don’t know! Qatar, I don’t know, really strange places, that wouldn’t have to know me, and they do! I guess people talk, I don’t know.

- Magabusiness: At the time, you’ve released by the Internet two singles, this is the second one,

- MS: Yes, Stupid Groupie is the second one. They really are “waiting singles”, until I release my first album,

- Magabusiness: What will that happen? How long will it take?

- MS: I don’t know, I don’t really want to confirm anything because I don’t want to play with people, and of course not with the illusion of that people that are supporting me that much, but it will. Don’t know when, how,

- Magabusiness: You’re so enthusiastic, that’s clear!

- MS: Yes, and there’s nobody in this world more enthusiastic about this tan me!

- Magabusiness: Because now how many songs have you written? Do you write the songs?

- MS: Yes. I write with more people, but

- Magabusiness: You write the lyrics

- MS: Yes, all of them, I’m helped with the music, I’m working with writers that are very important and really good. They send me the music, I re-send them with what I want, but in the end they do what I say and that’s all. We send them all to the studio to be produced,

- Magabusiness: To fix everything, etc.

- MS: Yes, but answering the question, there are aproximately 50 songs? I don’t know, there are lots in the drawer.

- Magabusiness: So the album could be out now.

- MS: I could have 4 albums, yes.

- Magabusiness: So this goes slowly, must be patient

- MS: Music industry is not really well now., so…

- Magabusiness: Yes, you have lots of material, and this two are the best, or

- MS: No. In fact, they’re different, two different styles, I love doing everything, they’re not better or worse, they’re just “waiting singles” I hope I can keep my bests for the album.
- Magabusiness: I say it because you have songs enough, so the album could be out at any time , but things are hard, the Spanish laws (illegal downloadings) and all that… People download, is it better releasing an album on internet, or just singles, a CD a DVD… What is best to do? Tell me, you’re a producer.

- MS: I don’t have the answer. If any producer could say it, everything would be fixed up. In fact, sometime ago, talking with Carlos Jean, an amazing producer, they’re trying to find new ways, and there are things that can work, but I only believe in well-done job, I do think that people that are working well are succeeding, there are more bands than ever, and, there’s a lot less space.

- Magabusiness: Times are not good for expending money, as well.

- MS: No. It’s a big sacrifice.

- Magabusiness: I mean expending money on releasing an album and buying it.

- MS: Yes, well, but now…

- Magabusiness: An album has a price…

- MS: Yes, but right now because of illegal downloads…

- Magabusiness: Yes, there are many people who says that it better to be downloaded, being known in the whole world and then release an album. It’s an option!

- MS: Yes, yes, In fact, I tell everybody I don’t mind singing for free I’m starting…

- Magabusiness: But you don’t have a videoclip!

- MS: We’re working on it! I can’t assure… But I will come to present it! Don’t worry, I will come here everytime you allow me.

- Magabusiness: Meanwhile, you’re performing… Where?

- MS: We had little concerts that are really good to me, because I think I’m a lot more shy on little gigs than in big concerts, and I feel much more intimidated on an unplugged, so I’m going little by little, but I feel a big support from my crew.

- Magabusiness: But there are your friends, or people saying “Who’s that girl?”

- MS: Chinese, Japanese!! There comes people who know me, people that don’t but I like people that don’t know, it’s better! New people!

- Magabusiness: Meanwhile, does this make you earn money or not?

- MS: When I think on producing, I know I will be a long time not earning… No, I’ve saved money, I’m producing with more people, so I can do it, but it’s a really big effort, really big.

- Magabusiness: You didn’t answer the question. Yous style? I know it’s very hard making a definition, Mick Jagger…

- MS: I like a lot more Angus Young, he’s my favourite guitar player…

- Magabusiness: Yes, I was wrong!

- MS: No! But I also like him so much, and most of all Michael Jackson is the biggest influence. It’s a show. Wherever I go I have my dancers, all the crew!!

- Magabusiness: Total show?

- MS: Yes, yes, All the crew, so it’s very nice, because I feel really protected.

- Magabusiness: There are musicals, that are another way…

- MS: I love musicals! I love jazz…

- Magabusiness: There’s something about it in your mind, maybe?

- MS: When I was younger, I used to be Velma Kelly She’s my favourite musical role, and I love jazz, so I love musicals

- Magabusiness: So you can sing everything

- MS: Well… I like them all…

- Magabusiness: When you release your album, it will be something for people to dance, there will be a ballad… What?

- MS: I haven’t decided yet what song would be in it if I have the chance to do it,

- Magabusiness: But what’s the best feedback, on dancing songs or ballads?

- MS: I think they enjoy much more dancing, and jumping, So it’s easier to me for choreography, scenery… Also my fans. That are the first for me, apart from those who want to be a part of it, Stupid Groupie is being downloaded a lot and maybe this song will be the one that will allow the album to be done. So I have to notice that a ballad about a topic girls really like has worked.

- Magabusiness: Well, now you know. Where can people find you? Monica Sanz¿

- MS:, the fanclub website, lots of beautiful webs that the fans have done…

- Magabusiness: This is great, you have lots of things… You have a fanclub…

- MS: Because I have the best fans in the world, and I say it truly, because there’s maybe people that could think…

- Magabusiness: Yes, maybe! But there may be different kinds of people…

- MS: Yes, but they are the ones that rule… I love it, the warriors… I can say my fans are the best in the world because…

- Magabusiness: You look is kind of… I can’t define it… Japanese…

- MS: Define it!!

- Magabusiness: Aren’t Japanese girls something like that?

- MS: Yes, kind of Harajuku…

- Magabusiness: I don’t really know, but I’ve heard about it.

- MS: Yes.

- Magabusiness: I said, “she’s dressed like Japanese girls, or maybe she’s come riding her bike!”

- MS: No, no, no motorbike yet… Well, I can try. Next time I’ll come to meet you on the motorbike!

- Magabusiness: I say it because I ride a motorbike.

- MS: Yes? You like? I wear everything I like, everything I find… and today I had a photoshoot, I was with Daniel Romero, my stylist, who is great, and I let him do whatever, I trust him.

- Magabusiness: And this is the result.

- MS: This is the result,

- Magabusiness: Well, Monica Sanz

- MS: He said, “put your fingers here”

- Magabusiness: We really hope you suceed because of your enthusiasm and illusion and we wanted you all to know her, because she’s singer, dancer, producer, model… Everything. She can do everything, and we wanted to meet her personally.

- MS: Me much, truly.

- Magabusiness: Remember you were here when you become a star.

- MS: I will come to sing here with the motorbike!!

- Magabusiness: Thank you so much, Monica.

- MS: Thank you so much for inviting me. Thank you.

Translation by Monica Sanz Official Fanclub.

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